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Diamond Kit

Product Description

Your Investment: $2,750

This truly beautiful kit is for YOU if you are ready to dive right into the doTERRA natural living lifestyle. It will help you detox your body, your life and your home.

In one purchase, you will receive all the single oils and blends, along with every oil-infused product; hair and facial care line, the spa line, dental wellness line, wellness supplements and weight management products and the hand wash, laundry and cleaner concentrate… everything you need to start looking, feeling and living, younger and longer, for life!

Also, if you are serious about creating a successful doTERRA business with me, this is a great kit to start with. (this is the kit I started with). You will have the best products to showcase which will strongly launch and support your business. This is the most economical of all the kits with the largest savings and other perks.

Your Savings:$916.

Plus, you get a bonus of $400 in product credit AND earn 25% off all of your future doTERRA purchases ( this is over and above your 25% wholesale savings you will already be getting by purchasing a kit… amounting to 50% of everything you buy from here on out, right of the bat).

If you are wanting to offer doTERRA products for retail in your store, this is definitely the kit to start with as your retail markup will be 50% immediately!

This kit will give you doTERRA membership, waiving the $35 membership fee.

And, I’ll send you a beautiful Bali Bag (as seen in the photos) plus some other magical goodies as a special gift from me. These Bali Bags are hand made from beautiful vintage sarongs by an amazing women’s co-op in Ubud, Bali. I purchase them from these gorgeous women whom I know personally and 100% of the proceeds go to help them support their sweet families. Bali Bags are not for sale, the only way you can get one is to purchase a doTERRA starter kit through me.

Something I want to be really clear on, sweet friend, is that when you purchase these oils, my KEY goal is that you are supported with them, every step of the way. My passion is making sure YOU know what your oils can do and how they will fit into your unique and beautiful family. When you get your lovely kit delivered… you ALSO get ME… your own personal Oil Fairy!

Each day I get Q’s from customers through email or Instagram and I am here to answer them all! Me. Not an automated system or an assistant.

I have a special care package of cute and handmade essential oil accessories that I’ll mail to you to welcome you to doTERRA.

As soon as your package arrives, I will send you an E-guide on all of the oils in your kit and the different ways you can use them. And, I will also connect with you for a complementary but important half an hour Skype or Zoom call so that we can go through your oils and you can ask me any questions you may have. I really want these oils to give you the empowerment they have given me.

I’ll add you to my extensive essential oil community so that you can see how others are using their oils.

I’ll also send you a monthly newsletter to deepen your oil knowledge.

Compare this connection we’ll be building together with buying something cheap and nasty of a shelf? That when you purchase these wonderful oils you actually get a real-life, loving, human to be your coach and cheerleader (should you so desire). That’s one of the most wonderful things about doTERRA and why I love my job and life so much.

I’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours with your doTERRA membership info.

I am super excited to mentor you every step of the way in using your oils and/or building your doTERRA business. Can’t wait to help you create health and financial abundance.

To check out every product in this Diamond Kit, please visit HERE (but be sure to come back to purchase on this page as these incentives are only available if you purchase here).

Additional Information

Weight 16 oz